The Integrity of Wholeness

by Henri on July 4, 2011

Wholess for success and personal developmentOur dictionary definition of integrity includes, “wholeness, completeness, purity, an unimpaired state of being.” Let’s focus today on what “wholeness” might mean for the daily life of someone seeking success with self-development and personal growth.

We often talk of developing “the whole human being.” This means focusing on personal growth -mentally, spiritually, and physically. It means developing yourself, your personal relationships and your use of your life environment. That’s exactly what we talk about in Living With Integrity.

It is true that most of us deal with certain “gaps” in our approach to life every day, wouldn’t you agree? So closing these gaps would lead to wholeness. Just how to close the gaps, though…

The sages, teachers and holy men of history have taught that, in order to become whole and get rid of our gaps, it is necessary to develop certain disciplines on a daily basis.  Some approach this from a spiritual point of view with daily devotions and other spiritual disciplines. Some work on mental disciplines through the practice of various personal and self development systems. Yet others focus on various physical disciplines in order to develop their physical health and wellness.

Is it possible for you to do all three at the same time; a “holistic” approach to personal development – pardon the pun -:)? This question, of course, is a central one to the whole idea of living with integrity. The simple answer is, “yes.” But it will actually require three different types of disciplines practiced simultaneously.

You may say, “I’m just not a disciplined person…” Understood. Most of us aren’t. So keep reading this blog – we’re going to unpack this challenge and learn, day-by-day, just how to develop in these three key areas of life and become a “whole” human being.

In the meantime, let us know what you’re thinking in a comment below. Does the thought of all this “discipline” make you feel challenged beyond hope for success? (I certainly hope not – if so, please do stay tuned).  Do you have success in one or another of these areas?  What challenges are you facing?

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