Success In Life With Personal Integrity

by Henri on August 31, 2011

A system for success in lifeSo you’re a success oriented person who wants to get ahead – here’s a “secret” to success in life: develop yourself with instinctive personal integrity. Here’s how it’s done.

First, look to unite your mind and body. This is a term from the ancients, but it has a lot of use today. It’s simply self-discipline – actually getting your body to do what your mind wants you to be doing. Don’t think that means anything? Take inventory tomorrow – how many things you told yourself you would do or not do, but instead did the opposite. Examples: not eat sweets (but you did). Be kind to your brother’s wife whom you actually can’t stand (but you were curt instead). Exercise 40 minutes at the gym (but you didn’t “feel like it”). Accomplish a to-do list (but you only got 1/3 of it done). Sound familiar? OK – we’re going to tackle this one head on in the coming days and weeks.

Second, work to center your conscience. This is all about the principles by which you live.  Your conscience is guided by them. Screwy principles = wrongful actions. Many achievers don’t think much about this – but others do. They can see our values and principles written all over how you act.  That’s how a Madoff doesn’t have a tinge of conscience while ripping off others for millions. He said he had a clear conscience…

Third, then, is to clarify true principles for yourself. This may seem philosophical – but it’s actually very practical. You need to know what you perceive as true if you’re going to live conscientiously.  So stay tuned as we teach you how to find these true principles!

Fourth, is being personally responsible. If you are an achiever, I imagine you are not a “whiner” who puts off responsibility on others all the time. But are you the one who steps up first when something or someone is in need? The highest achievers do.

Be sure to tune into the blog regularly as we unpack these ideas and get practical – specific steps and techniques to Live With Integrity on a daily basis.

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