Success In Life With an “Unimpaired State of Being”

by Henri on August 8, 2011

Living With IntegrityThe dictionary definition of integrity completes with the term, “an unimpaired state of being.” When I first read that, I thought, “For sure, I have a lot of “impairments!” My investigation into Living With Integrity was getting more and more challenging and self-confronting. But since I have always been on a quest for personal growth opportunities, I seized the moment…

So what’s an “impairment” in a person? I would say that this term describes the many emotional and psychological blocks and blind-spots we all have. These impair our ability to see ourselves and others clearly and severely hamper our ability to live with integrity.

I know that I have so many blocks and blind spots. My wife of 37 years, Loretta, and my children know them all to well – probably much better than I do -J.  One impairment that I had to confront recently was the fact that when my wife tries to offer me a bit of constructive criticism, I become defensive and try to “talk her down.” And she’s only trying to help, after all!

Sound familiar? Probably – most of us are this way in one form or another. People who are more self-assured tend to be defensive like me, trying to find a logical way to prove that the impairment does not exist. Others who are more unconfident may tend to get depressed or feel hurt if someone tells them about an impairment. So this is a very difficult area.

The best way to find your impairments – emotional and psychological blind spots – is to find them yourself.  If you have some self-realizations – tell yourself – then you are much more likely to accept the conclusion and work to make changes.

If you start to remind yourself about this daily you’ll start to be more self-aware. So put “impairments” in your to-do list. A sticky in your planner. Ask your spouse or significant other to remind you – or a trusted colleague with whom you can share something like this.

Try this for one day – see what you learn. If it is as empowering and enlightening, then keep it up. And come back here and tell us your story in a comment. It can be as short as the short testimonial I just gave. But it will help you cement what you’ve learned. And we’ll all learn more about ourselves as well!

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