Success and Happiness in Life With Purity

by Henri on July 27, 2011

success in life, happiness in life, purityContinuing on understanding the dictionary definition of integrity, the next piece is, “purity.” That sounds almost religious when applied to people, doesn’t it? Let’s remember that this definition is also meant to encompass science and engineering. Purity of the building substance is needed in order for the integrity of the structure to be maintained. If there are any flaws in the substance, it could weaken the entire structure.

Applied to human life, this makes for some very interesting observations.  It turns out that people have used terms like “pure heart,” and “pure motivation” widely in our culture.   What is meant by these folk culture terms?

To get back to the “flawless” point, it would mean that someone’s heart and motivation would have no flaws. What might these flaws be? I propose to you that a flawed human heart or a flawed motivation is when the person is more out for their own interests than those with whom they are in relationships. In other word, when the motivation in your heart is more for your interests than for the person or people, we could say your motivation is not pure.

Not sure about this? So test it! Do another 7 day challenge.  What would purity look like in your life?  Keep this idea in the top of your mind. Put it on sticky notes on your mirrors, the dashboard, your computer screen. With something like, “What is my motivation in this action – really?”

Sally was in one of our Living With Integrity small groups; we all did this exercise together. One night she called me up, almost in tears: “I realized that my whole motivation in even being in this group has been to ‘better myself’ and to ‘get better for business.’  I realized that my motivation could and should be, “I’m in this so I can be a better person for those I love and those I’m doing business with.” Further, she said later, she found that when she focused on this “purity” of motivation, she found more happiness, and more success in life – and even saw more money coming into her business over the following year!

So – here’s that 7 Day Challenge. Look inside for 7 days. See what your motivations truly are. And let us know what you find in a comment below.

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phil faris July 28, 2011 at 9:55 pm

I’m not sure I buy the fact that a person can have a pure heart and mind all the time. Our motives are complex and dynamic. Collaboration is about helping both partiies get their needs met. Can I be pure even if I have needs that need to be met while I try to help others meet theirs?


Henri July 29, 2011 at 3:13 am

That’s a great point, Phil. Of course we can’t be perfect all the time. I like that 12 step idea, “progress, not perfection.”

And there’s another one, “Sometimes you have to help yourself to help others.” The real issue is mindset. Is my motivation generally for the others in my life (family, friends, clients, community, etc.) or mainly for my own self interest. It has been proven that those who are more other-centered live more fulfilled lives. A hidden secret, perhaps.


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