How Defining Integrity Will Help Your Relationships

by Henri on June 28, 2011

Relationships of integritySo you are primarily concerned with ensuring your key relationships in life remain secure and growing. After all, what is more important than our love, life and work with other people? So as we investigate a working definition of integrity this week, no doubt we need to connect our conclusions to relationships.

Integrity means different things to different people, of course.  Many think that it simply means someone can be trusted, as in, “She is trustworthy because she has integrity.”  And technical workers us it in relation to the strength throughout a load bearing beam, pipe or wire.

The dictionary states, that integrity is, “Wholeness, completeness; purity; an unimpaired state of being.” So how can you use this to ensure strong relationships in life?

Wholeness and completeness,” would indicate that we need to be a fully developed person – in the case of relationships, this means you need to work on yourself before thinking about asking others to change. But isn’t our instinct usually to want others to change to suit our needs?

Purity” might seem a bit idealistic, but in fact, if people feel that you have “pure motivations,” or have a “pure heart,” they will certainly be more apt to trust you and allow you to build a deeper bond with them.

An unimpaired state of being” has a LOT to say about relationships. How many “impairments” or blocks in our inner thoughts and feelings have caused us undue problems in relationships? They certainly have me – consider your own situation and I’ll bet you’re the same.

So I hope this little piece has given you some new insights into integrity in your relationships. After all – what is more important than building strong, supportive and productive relationships?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this vital issue.

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