Happiness In Life and Your Relationships by Completing Yourself

by Henri on July 16, 2011

happiness in lifeImagine all those around you – those you love, those with whom you work, your clients, your neighbors – all trusting you more and coming through more for you. It can happen if you begin getting serious about this “integrity thing.”

Our working definition of living with integrity includes “completeness.”  We all have a lot of “incompletions,” wouldn’t you agree?  What most people don’t realize is: if you don’t work on yourself, your relationships with others suffer. Much of the time, people allow themselves to believe the lie that, “If so-and-so would just change, then we’d get along a lot better.” Sorry – that’s not going to cut it. YOU have to change first!

Would you admit that you have a lot of incompletions in your relationships? Incomplete commitments, incomplete dreams, incomplete goals together? Would you agree that most of these become major stumbling blocks to your happiness in life with your relationships?

So it’s time to get a “check-up from the neck up,” as Zig Ziglar used to say.  Or, as Michael Jackson famously sang, first look “at the man in the mirror.”

So take my challenge – make a little list of the incompletions you have in your relationships with those around you. Go ahead; take out a pencil and paper or jot it into your computer or smart phone; it won’t take long. I am pretty sure you know real well what these are. Maybe your list is only a few; maybe it’s longer. Whatever. But make sure it’s honest and real.

Now – select the most important incomplete relationship you have. Underline it or whatever. Then identify some simple things you can do to “fill in the blanks” of this incompletion.  For 7 days, work on these; keep the list with you at all times. When you are with the person or people in question, remember and DO something, anything, to make some progress.

If you really do this for the next 7 days, I guarantee you will see results. If you don’t, I’ll give you your money back. Wait…you didn’t pay me for this good stuff. So instead, come back up here and leave us your story of what happened in a comment, below. The good bad and the ugly. This blog needs to be as real as life is.

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