Find a Definition of Living With Integrity – And Have More Fun!

by Henri on June 28, 2011

Happiness and SuccessLet’s face it – you’re going to have a hard time improving yourself and working on living with integrity if you can’t have any fun anymore -:).  And a lot of people have told me that they see some of this stuff as a new “discipline,” and that seems like too much work – and cutting in to the enjoyment of life.

So just what IS living with integrity, anyway?  It means it means different things to different people, but most feel that it’s about gaining people’s trust by living authentically.

Technical folks use the word integrity to describe the strength of a part of a whole. If there is a “breach in integrity,” the structural piece, say a pipe or an I-beam, are said to cause the whole system to be weakened.

How can we get a definition of living with integrity that doesn’t seem to stifle our enjoyment of life?  Here’s what the dictionary says:  Integrity (n): Wholeness, completeness; purity; an unimpaired state of being

If we work toward “Wholeness and completeness,” it might seem like you’re going to get hemmed in – but actually, getting clearer and more authentic will ultimately help you get more enjoyment out of life because your relationships will be more fulfilled.

“Purity” might seem a bit staid, but think about it – people who demonstrate a “pure heart” to others always become their most trusted friends.

“An unimpaired state of being” actually means getting “unblocked.” This, of course, can then unlock creativity you never knew you had.

So have some fun with this! Try to live more like a person who is whole, complete, pure and unimpaired. Then try and tell me it hasn’t helped your enjoyment of life. Go ahead – make my day and tell us in a comment below.

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Tyler Hendricks July 4, 2011 at 10:35 am

Interesting that you relate integrity with purity. In our 100 series we are alternating the terms purity and sexual integrity when referring to sexual purity. The old-fashioned word is chastity. But it’s gone out of style–in word and, eventually, in fact. We need to realize that sexual integrity, or purity, or chastity, applies both to the single life (abstinence) and the married life (fidelity, for-the-other life). Another word with even more cosmic ramifications, is absolute sex.


Henri July 4, 2011 at 6:19 pm

It’s interesting that the term “purity” actually comes from a dictionary definition; not my own. In that case, I think it relates to a more general definition of purity, but your particular use of it is welcomed. The richer we get with this discussion, the better.

Related to the idea of sexual integrity would be marriage, relationships and parental integrity.


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