Defining Living With Integrity – A Track For Success In Life

by Henri on June 22, 2011

Integrity, Success in lifeYou’re on the road to success in life.  Since you like to get things done and accomplish results; you often find a challenge in moving ahead while keeping integrity. So it might help to get clear on exactly what living with integrity is.

It means different things to different people. You may have thought it simply means that someone can be trusted, as in, “He is trustworthy because he has integrity.”

Technical folks use the word integrity to describe the strength of a part of a whole. If there is a “breach in integrity,” in a structural piece – say a pipe or an I-beam – it will cause the whole system to be weakened.

So how can you use this to create more success in your life? I simply looked up the dictionary def:  Integrity (n): Wholeness, completeness; purity; an unimpaired state of being

You probably haven’t thought of it in this manner. And how to apply that to daily living in a simple to use system? Well, that’s why we’re here, of course -:).

“Wholeness and completeness,” means that you need to be thorough every day in what you do. Achievers sometimes gloss over things in their quest for success. This indicates being just a little more careful.

“Purity” might seem a bit hokey, but in fact, when you offer a “pure” energy or feeling to others, they trust you more. You can get more things done more quickly with other people.

“An unimpaired state of being” indicates that you need to get whatever internal blocks you have out of the way if you are going to achieve true success in life.  Challenge yourself on this one – achievers are often in too much of a hurry to be reflective. So stop and think about this for a minute. Perhaps some internal work is in order.

I trust this has given you a thought or two about what it might mean to “live with integrity.” Challenging: can you honestly say that you have the living with integrity thing covered?  Tell us in a comment below!

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