Create Success in Life By Completing Yourself

by Henri on July 13, 2011

Success In LifeIntegrity includes “completeness,” or so our dictionary definition of integrity says.  I’ve learned that if you “complete the incompletions,” achieving success in life is a whole lot easier.

Would you admit with me that you have a lot of these incompletions? Incomplete projects. Incomplete goals. Incomplete relationships. Incomplete life, really.  And will you agree that most of these become major stumbling blocks to your success in life?

So let me suggest that you do a little check on yourself. Create a little list of all the things you have incomplete – in your own makeup and character, in the way you treat others, and in the way you approach accomplishing things in your life. If you’re being honest, you’ll find plenty from the list in the previous paragraph.

Now prioritize the list. Which is most important? This is your most major obstacle to success in your life right now. So here’s how to bulldoze it down and out of the way!

Do an exercise for 7 days. Keep this obstacle in the front of your consciousness. Put sticky-notes on mirrors and on your dashboard. Send yourself emails. Tell those who you live and work with that you are working on it. Keep in the forefront for 7 days.  Find as many ways as you can to keep this incompletion in the front of your mind for this 7 days.  This programs your subconscious to give you a solution,

One of my clients – let’s call her Susie – tried this on her number one “incompletion,” which was that she frequently missed commitments to those she loved because she was so driven in her sales career. So she did what is suggested above, including telling her husband and kids about it.  On the 8th day (sometimes the “aha” comes after the 7 days), she saw an ad for a new app to use on her iPhone into which she could program what was important to her. If she did not have an activity within the week related to that priority, the phone beeps and won’t leave her alone till she schedules it. Cool!

Leave us a comment about your experience with this – either after you have tried it, or if you already have a success with overcoming in “incompletion.”

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phil faris July 13, 2011 at 3:41 pm

I’ve been collecting “round- to- its” for quite a while and have found they add clutter and weight to my life. Today I’m going through my list and either committing to a plan of action with a deadline or eliminating it from my list. It’s a lot like cleaning out a closet and deciding what to keep (that’s important) and what not to keep. I’ll keep you posted.


Henri July 13, 2011 at 9:34 pm

That’s a great technique, Phil. David Allen uses it in Getting Things Done. And do keep us posted up here – all the comments are read by other participants.


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