Complete What You Have Left Undone and Live With Integrity

by Henri on July 12, 2011

Our dictionary definition of integrity tells us that we must be “complete.” This indicates that you might have some “incompletions” in your life.

I don’t know about you, but I have plenty of incompletions. Incomplete projects. Incomplete goals. Incomplete relationships. Incomplete life, really. So how might this relate to a life of integrity, and to finding success in life and happiness in life?

The incompletions in our lives affect our ability to live with integrity – in how we view and feel about ourselves, in our relationships with those around us, and in our daily life and commitments.  Here are some thoughts on how to uncover and address these incomplete areas of your life.

Do a little inventory of the following:

  • Goals
  • Commitments to yourself un-kept
  • Commitments to others un-kept
  • Projects begun but not completed
  • Things you have said you want to start but have not “gotten around to it”
  • and so on (I’m sure you can think of more)

Make an actual written list.  I realize you may end up with a long list that might seem depressing (that’s what I felt when I first did this), but you will find it to be a useful tool going forward.

Now prioritize the list. Which is the most important of these in your life right now? Then the next, then the next? Re-order the entire list.

Now zero –in on number 1. Forget the rest of them for now. For the next 7 days, keep this one in your mind. Whenever you remember it, ask yourself the question, “How can I complete this?” Within this 7 days, your subconscious will show you the way.

If you are more spiritually oriented, this technique of using your unconscious can also be likened to prayer – you are simply speaking to the “divine within.” So go ahead and do this with that in mind.

I had wanted to write a book on this topic for several years, but “never got around to it.” As I was studying for one of my seminars on living with integrity, I was reminded of this technique (I learned it from Napoleon Hill) and I did it for 7 days regarding this book issue. On the 7th day, I was introduced by a friend to a training course on writing a book by blogging for a year – at the end of the year, voila! You have you book. I thought, “I can do that.” I am quite certain that my inner quest to find a solution brought me this idea. And you are reading this blog as a result!

Go ahead and try this – and when you have some success, come back up here and leave us a comment about what happened. Or if you have already had an experience like mine, please share it with us right now.

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