Breakthrough Success In Life With “Purity”

by Henri on August 1, 2011

Success In LifeOK, so you want to achieve success in life: in your career or business, in your relationships, etc. Here’s a novel idea on how to enhance achieving it.

Our dictionary definition of integrity uses the word, “purity” as one of the descriptions of integrity. This is, of course, meant to encompass science and engineering. Purity of the building substance is needed in order for the integrity of the structure to be maintained. If there are any flaws in the substance, it could weaken the entire structure.

Applied to human life, this makes for some very interesting observations.  It turns out that people have used terms like “pure heart,” and “pure motivation” widely in our culture.  What is meant by these folk terms?

For the success-oriented person, we can describe it thus: when your motivation in something you are doing is more for your own interests than for the person or people also involved with – we could say your motivation is not pure.  But when you are motivated more for the others – then, as Zig Ziglar once said, “You can get everything you want in life – if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

Sam was one of our Living With Integrity group members. He was in sales. He was a highly driven guy who was very skeptical about this idea.  Recently, he had seen a series of setbacks in his personal and professional life, though. I suggested he do that “7 Day Challenge” and ask himself all week what his motivation really was with his clients.

When he came back a week later, he was very quiet and thoughtful – even humble (unusual for Sam). He mentioned that it had not been easy to go inward like this for a success-oriented person such as himself, but he had, indeed, put sticky notes on the mirrors and dashboard, etc. To his amazement, he found that much of his day was self-oriented.

Another member of the group, Jane, asked him if he was always thinking about closing and his own commissions when in front of prospects. Sam admitted, well, not on the spot, but most of the rest of the time. Jane suggested that he try thinking about what the prospects needs were all of the time, and see what that did.

Several weeks later, Sam could not be contained in the meeting. He had closed the biggest deal of his career – and he attributed it to Jane’s suggestion.

Skeptical about this? So try me – do this “7-day challenge” yourself, just like Sam did.  See if you can check on what you motivation is for all your success-oriented pursuits and projects. Ask yourself all day long, “What is my motivation in this action – really?”

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