A Systematic Approach to Finding “Wholeness” In Living With Integrity

by Henri on July 11, 2011

“Wholeness” is the first part of the dictionary definition of integrity we’re using in Living With Integrity. But, you ask, “How can I find a system or a plan to be able to create this “wholeness?”

If you are actively pursuing self development and personal growth (chances are, if you’re reading this, you are), you have already challenged yourself to develop yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically – self-discipline, personal relationships and your use of your life environment. And that’s what we’re working on every day in Living With Integrity.

We all have certain “gaps” and “blind-spots” that belie us being able to be “whole.”  Go ahead – admit this to yourself.  But you can create a little system to help you understanding what these gaps/blind-spots are; “seeing” them, if you will, is a major part of self-development and personal growth

You can borrow a little technique taught by many of the greats of personal growth and self development.  Once you have discovered one of your gaps/blind-spots, simply focus on the action that would reverse it – accomplish it at least once a day for 21 days and you will now have filled the gap with a great new good habit and will “enlighten you out of the blind-spot.” While this may seem overly simplistic, often the best plans are very simple. So try this first, then let me know us know if it works or not!

And if you’ve got some experience in this area, then let us know about in a comment below. We want to learn from you!

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