A System for Living a “Pure” Life

by admin on August 8, 2011

Living With Integrity SystemMany people reading this blog approach attaining happiness in life by looking for a systematic way to apply ideas. I will grant that a lot of what has been on Living With Integrity the past few months is indeed kind of theoretical. But we’ve also seen a number of case histories with folks who have actually applied what we’re talking about, and how they did it.

That being said, let’s look at a little system for actually living with the “purity” idea from the dictionary definition we’ve been using.

In engineering and construction, purity of the building substance is needed in order for the integrity of the structure to be maintained. If there are any flaws in the substance, it could weaken the entire structure.

Applied to human life, this makes for some very interesting observations. It turns out that people have used terms like “pure heart,” and “pure motivation” widely in our culture. Sounds good, you say, “but how do I DO something with it?”

First of all, what would a pure motivation look like? When the motivation of any action you are about to undertake at a given time is more for your interests than for another person or people, we could say your motivation is not pure. Conversely, when you motivation is more for others’ benefit that your own, we could say your motivation is purer.

So here’s that little 7 step system for challenging yourself to live with a pure motivation every day:

  1. Choose one person with whom you’d like to improve your relationship
  2. Make a commitment for 7 days
  3. Every time you are about to interact with or do something for or to this person, check your motivation, “Does this benefit him/her at all, or just me?”
  4. Ensure that your action or interaction with him/her is indeed a win/win
  5. As you act with this person, notice how they are responding. Do they seem pleased, receptive, and grateful in some way?
  6. Reflect on your results
  7. Repeat the next time you are with this person!

Try this form of a 7 day challenge – it’s very specifically focused on one person – then come back and tell us how it went in a comment below.

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