4 Tips For Recognizing Your Blind Spots, Blocks and “Impairments”

by admin on August 16, 2011

blind spots and blocksWe’ve been talking about recognizing, bringing to light and overcoming our internal blocks and blind spots; called “impairments” in a dictionary definition of integrity. These cause us a lot of trouble and actually severely limit our ability to attain success and happiness in life – both in business and in our personal lives.

But just how can you find these impairments, you may ask?  What are some practical steps? Have you ever noticed how easy it is for you to recognize other people’s issues, but be somewhat clueless about your own?  That would be blind spots, right? -:).

Here’s 5 tips for recognizing your own impairments;

  1. Just Ask: Ask someone(s) you know and trust to help you. At home this might be your significant other, sibling, adult child or other family member. At work it might be a trusted assistant or partner.  As long as you have good will with this person (I recognize not all relationships have this luxury) and you have mutual trust and respect, the person should be more than willing to help. Just ask them to point out one or two – not a laundry list. Then ask them for specific examples of when they noticed your blind spot. If they can’t think of a specific one, ask them to be on the lookout and alert you when it happens
  2. Just Look Inside: Most of us are not very self-reflective most of the time. And spiritual disciplines such as meditation or prayer are often centered on a more universal presence. But self-reflection is a powerful tool. Set aside even a couple minutes of quiet time each day for 7 days and ask yourself, “Show me one of my blind spots.” You’ll be amazed at how much your deeper, integrity-desiring self has to tell you!
  3. Just Read: Study a new self-help book that might bring you face-to-face with yourself more easily. Suggestions: The Road Less Traveled, by M. Scott Peck, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey.
  4. Just Watch: Watch self-help shows on TV; there are a wealth of these on PBS and some on the new OWN channel. Likewise, you can find literally thousands of useful videos on You Tube and a great site called TED (http://www.ted.com).

By working with yourself in one or more of these ways, you will most certainly uncover at least one blind spot / internal block. “I guarantee it!”

If you’ve had success using one of the way above, or you’d like to share another tip you have, please communicate with us in a comment below.

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