improving your relationships with personal integrityDid you realize that by becoming a person of integrity is probably the best strategy in improving your personal and business relationships?

To recap – there are three keys to living with integrity: developing personal integrity, creating integrity in your relationships, and living with integrity with your surroundings.  Since developing personal integrity is the first step, by default it is the stepping stone to building good relationships.

Lest this seems confusing – we will be talking in depth about creating integrity in your relationships – the point here is that to even be able to do that, you need personal integrity. So just what does that look like?

The core of the keys is uniting mind and body. At its core, this means developing self discipline – actually getting your body to do what your mind intends for it to; aligning your thoughts and actions.  To be a person that can be relied upon by others, and thus have integrity in your relationships, you will need to develop this alignment and discipline.

The second key is centering your conscience. Conscience interacts with your view of life; or the principles by which you live. So you need to get clear on just what your worldview is, or the principles by which you live.

Therefore, the third key is learning how to clarify true principles. Many people think truth is relative.  Our quest here will be to help you find your personal system for determining what the true principles are that your conscience will relate to. Socrates said, “Know thyself,” when you know what your principles are, you are a lot closer to that. And that helps you be the person others can trust and rely on.

The fourth key is personal responsibility. Increasingly in popular culture, we find people shifting responsibility – “the blame game.” Whatever the issue, we are told “it’s someone else’s fault.” Nobody likes a whiner and a complainer, so getting this right is crucial for developing good relationships.

Day after tomorrow we’re going to start unpacking these keys, so hang in there. In the meantime, have you had any experience with improving your self-discipline, centering your conscience, clarifying your principles or improving your ability to take responsibility?  Let us know here in a comment.


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